These are the people that make up ScreWLooS! If you would like to be one as well send Contact Us! This offer will only last a short time!

First we have Deadtuna119 or James. He is one of the founders of ScreWLooS Entertainment and runs almost all of it. He is a director, script writer, body actor, voice actor, actor, and creator. He is very kind and is a great guy when you meet him. He likes it when people offer to help with his videos because it helps get the work off his shoulders. James is a great member and always has been there for ScreWLooS and his friends. 

Someone1225 or Nick. Nick is James' best friend. they consider themselves brothers. Nick has been there for James and has been a apart of ScreWLooS ever since the two of them met. Nick does a lot in filming. He is a; body actor, voice actor, actor, director, script writer. He is also one of the co-founders of ScreWLooS entertainment.


Joseph Benfante. He was working under his own productions until James, his older cousin, asked him join ScreWLooS. Joe has just started making videos for them. He ended up leaving the family business so he could make videos on his own. He started to have problems on his own so he asked James if he could re-join ScreWLooS Entertainment. After a few days he was back in.

Lindsey L. is the artist behind the drawings and animation! She is a wonderful artist. She also does piano in her spare time! She doesn't want her picture up on the web just yet...

Alicia works alongside Joe. She joined up with ScreWLooS Entertainment because of Joe. She hasn't been in many videos quite yet, but that is because she is still new.
She is the panda

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